I'm an artist living in the White Mountains of Arizona with my husband and 3 children and our dog, Archie.  Inspired by God's creation, I enjoy all mediums of painting but mostly watercolor and acrylic.  

When I'm not painting outside or in my small office-studio, you can find me reading a good book, enjoying our local outdoors or playing a mean game of Rumikub with my kids. 


About Cassie

I spent the first 15 years of my professional career photographing weddings.  As our babies got bigger and weekend time became a little more important, I packed my camera away and picked my paintbrush up. 

While I still bring out my camera every once and a while, I still love photography and often paint what my camera (even my phone camera!) has captured. 

I also love to teach art, and you can count on beginner courses coming soon! 

I've always loved art in every form.

It started with a camera. 

The first time I picked up a camera was at my step-brother's wedding. My mom and I poured over the prints when we got them back and I'll never forget that feeling of watching something I created bring someone else so much joy. 

Creating - whether through a lens or a paintbrush has always been something that has meant more.  Art, no matter what form can evoke so much emotion, peacefulness and meaning. I'm mostly inspired by our Creator and love to create art that honors and glorifies Him.

The Why

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I hoard it.  I have drawers and drawers full of supplies, some of which I use daily, some I pull out in random succession when the creative well runs dry. 
You can often find me perusing art stores packing away things I don't need, but love to explore with. 

art supplies

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I love to travel and see places far and near. I love God's creation and I love being surrounded by it. 

My favorite place I've ever been is Italy. 

Next on my travel bucket list are: 
Scottland, Ireland and France. 


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I can leave the ocean where it is. Mountains are my happy place and you can find them in most of my art. 

I'm almost always pulling over to snap a few photos and I'm thankful I have a guy who encourages me to pull over as often as I want! 


Fueled By

How can we work together? 

We can get together in so many ways! 

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